Tree Removal

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We value all trees and want to protect their health and vigor whenever possible—but the fact is that dead, dying, storm-damaged or diseased trees have weakened structures and pose a threat to you, your home and other trees and plants at your property. When a tree requires removal, our knowledge, experience and equipment play an important role in the final results you see.
Tree removals and stump removal should be performed carefully to ensure the safety and health of the surrounding structures and environment. Our crews are experienced professionals with many hours of on-the-job training in difficult removal situations. We will offer you the lowest price possible without taking unnecessary risks or doing inexact work.

What to expect from Van Yahres Tree Company Crews

  • Van Yahres Tree Company will make calls to cable, electric and other service providers when services must be interrupted temporarily during tree work or removal.
  • VYTC crews arrives ready for the job with the necessary tools and equipment to remove your tree quickly and efficiently.
  • VYTC crews will handle the wood from your tree removal in an environmentally-sensitive manner, recycling wood whenever possible by chipping brush and branches for mulch that can be used at your property or elsewhere or leaving wood cut in 18-inch lengths for firewood if you choose. If you cannot utilize any of the wood or wood products at your property, complete removal can be included in your estimate.
  • VYTC crews take every precaution to protect your property. Our equipment and crews are fully-covered by the best liability and workmen’s compensation insurance.

What About the Stump?

VYTC crews can finish your tree removal service by grinding the stump and leaving an area that is ready for grass planting or a new tree or shrub. Our new stump grinding equipment is state-of-the-art and can reach even very difficult spots with surgical precision.

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