Professional, Skilled Tree Pruning is a Combination of Art and Science

Expert tree pruning, once called tree surgery, is the bedrock of services we provide. Similar to a surgeon, our certified arborists know the science behind every cut and when and where pruning methods can be applied to help your valuable trees, shrubs and boxwoods remain healthy, safe and beautiful for years to come.  Our arborists will eliminate hazardous branches and promote healthy new growth, helping your trees better withstand storms, wind, drought, pests and diseases.

A Reason for Every Cut

We are one of the few tree care companies using the most up-to-date industry pruning standards and provide a reason for every method recommended. Some of which include:

Prune to Improve Health:

This pruning method removes dead and diseased branches that compromise the health and structure of the tree.

Prune to Mitigate Risk:

This highly skilled method selectively prunes hazardous branches to reduce the risk of tree failure.

Prune to Provide Clearance:

This pruning reduces interference and damage with people, structures and traffic.

Prune to Reduce Density:

This highly selective pruning method removes exterior branches to decrease the wind load and make trees more resistant to storms.

Prune to Improve Structure:

Perhaps the most beneficial pruning, structural pruning improves the architecture of a young tree to avoid costly repairs in the future.

Prune for Restoration:

This pruning method restores a tree back to its normal form following storm damage or poor pruning.

Van Yahres Tree Company will not use pruning methods that will actually harm your trees.

There are pruning methods you will NOT see on your work order from Van Yahres Tree Company because they offer less benefit or are specifically harmful to your trees. These types of procedures are deceiving because initially they may appear to offer a bargain. But in the long term each of the procedures outlined below may actually cost you more by diminishing your trees’ overall health.

TOPPING. It does not take much skill or money to cut the top out of a tree. It is also, in most cases, a fine way to ruin a tree for life. This type of pruning ruins the natural, healthy branching habit and can actually perpetuate unhealthy limb growth. Because of the severity of the cuts required, wounds on large limbs decay and cause structural weakness in future growth. All things considered, topping is the most expensive form of pruning.

SKINNING OUT OR “LION-TAILING” is caused by removing all or most of the inner foliage. This places foliage weight at the ends of the branches and often results in sunburn, watersprouts, weakened branch structure and limb breakage. While many homeowners equate proper pruning with the removal of interior limbs, it takes little skill to do this kind of work and, although the short-term cost appears low, the long-term cost to your tree’s health can be quite high.

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