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Environmentally-Friendly & Organic Pest and Disease Control

We are committed to environmentally practices that only address harmful pests

For decades, single-treatment chemical sprays have been used in an attempt to control insects and disease. These unnecessary toxins often destroy helpful insects and make trees and shrubs less resilient.  Van Yahres Tree Company is fully committed to environmentally responsible practices to only address harmful pests and help your trees and shrubs withstand problems on their own. Current scientific studies show this approach can reduce the use of toxic pesticides by as much as 90 percent.  

We utilize state-of-the-art equipment, environmentally safe materials and scientifically proven techniques to perform tree, shrub and boxwood care focused on conditions observed at your property.

Our certified arborists will schedule treatments for your property based on harmful insects and diseases.  Common examples in our area include: emerald ash borers, bagworms, gloomy scale, lace bugs, boxwood leaf miners, mites, pine bark beetles, scale, wooly adelgids, anthracnose, cedar apple rust, fire blight, powdery mildew and shot hole fungus.

Custom Nutrients

Our new organic-based nutrients are the first-ever custom-made for Charlottesville’s trees and shrubs.

Before and after 5 months of nutrient application.

In a forest, trees receive 80% of their nutrients from fallen leaves and branches. Unfortunately, in most urban settings, they are removed, leaving your trees and shrubs nutrient deficient.

Our new nutrients recreate the Charlottesville forest floor. This was achieved by analyzing soil samples throughout the area and working with our lab to create a formula to amend common deficiencies. Blended with local rain water at our facility and injected beneath the soil surface for tree roots to absorb, our treatments will optimize root growth and stimulate leaf and flower production for years to come.


Our proactive and comprehensive monitoring service gives you peace of mind.

GREENWatch is our proactive and comprehensive monitoring service.  Our Certified Arborist will meet with you to determine your priorities and objectives for your property and will recommend a set number of proactive visits to address any concerns and needs throughout the growing season. A written report will be supplied after each visit noting treatments and applications performed on your landscape.

GREENWatch was designed to give you peace of mind by anticipating and treating problems early on which significantly reduces the need for costly intervention with your valuable landscape.

Fun Fact:

Did you know that fallen leaves are one of the most beneficial fertilizers for your trees? In the fall, instead of raking them, mow them. Decayed leaves account for up to 80% of the nutrients that trees uptake from the soil in a forest.

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