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Introducing our new organic-based nutrients, the first-ever custom made for Charlottesville’s trees and shrubs.

For decades, we have offered the most environmentally-friendly nutrients to improve the health of your landscape. Our new formula is the best one yet. In a forest, trees receive 80% of their nutrients from fallen leaves and branches. Unfortunately, in most urban settings, they are removed, leaving your trees and shrubs nutrient deficient and less healthy, much like a human who is malnourished.

Our new nutrients recreate the Charlottesville forest floor. This was achieved by analyzing soil samples throughout the area and working with our lab to create a customized formula to amend the common deficiencies. Blended with local rain water and injected beneath the soil surface, our nutrients allow for the greatest uptake by your trees and shrubs’ roots. The treatments will help to optimize root growth and stimulate leaf and flower production so they will thrive for years to come.

Fortified with additional organic compounds, our nutrient treatments are injected in a grid pattern around the base of your trees. Targeting the root zone means your trees get the maximum benefit. Water and nutrients go directly to your trees’ roots without runoff into surface or ground water.

For decades, chemically-based fertilizers have been recommended to care for trees and shrubs. These chemicals force excessive, new growth, which is hard to sustain during seasons of drought and high temperatures. Additionally, many routine measures, such as mowing and raking, actually remove essential organic matter which helps to preserve tree and plant health.

We’ve been perfecting our recipe for decades.

Our organic-based nutrient treatments also loosen and break up the compacted clay soil often found in Virginia, resulting in better growing conditions for your landscape and make it stronger and more pest & disease resistant for years to come.

You will begin to see a difference after just one nutrients treatment; however, to achieve long term and lasting results, we will want to determine the appropriate frequency of application for your property’s specific needs.

Fun Fact:

Did you know that fallen leaves are one of the most beneficial fertilizers for your trees? In the fall, instead of raking them, mow them. Decayed leaves account for up to 80% of the nutrients that trees uptake from the soil in a forest.

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