Addressing Covid – 19 Concerns

Due to the unpredictability of business closings, the Tree Care Industry Association is encouraging all homeowners to prioritize essential tree care including dangerous trees, hazardous branches or invasive pests and diseases. We remain open for business and are taking extra safety precautions with our crew, equipment and homeowners.  Please call or schedule a FREE SPRING ASSESSMENT by our certified arborists – no face-to-face meeting required.

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Watching Over Charlottesville for Over 100 Years

Van Yahres Tree Company is a family-owned business that has proudly served Charlottesville for over 100 years. Our reputation has been built on the simple premise that expert tree and shrub care provides the best value for the long-term health of your property.

Environmentally-Friendly Tree and Plant Health Care

We offer a full-range of tree, plant and shrub health care services, including expert tree pruning and removal, nutrients and soil enrichment treatments, storm and lightning protection, and environmentally-friendly pest control.

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Community Involvement

Van Yahres Tree Company has a deep love of Virginia and its natural resources. Our promise is to provide professional services and contributions to the community that will continue to making Central Virginia a special place to live, work and raise our families.

Family Owned for a Century

Four generations of extensive experience and high-quality work.



Tree Removal

Storm Protection

Nutrient Treatments



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