The severe and unpredictable weather that has affected our area recently has sadly caused significant damage to valuable trees and landscapes across the entire region.  At Van Yahres Tree Company, we offer services that will reduce the potential for storm damage and help protect your property and landscape before the next storm strikes.



Expert pruning is the bedrock of the services we provide. Our arborists know the science behind what they do and when and where pruning techniques can be applied to help your trees thrive. Our professional services will eliminate hazardous branches, promote healthy new growth and improve light and air circulation in your trees.  Read more >>




Lightning is a major cause of property damage and injury every year. VYTC began installing lightning protection systems in trees because they are particularly vulnerable to lightning strikes. Trees are struck far more often than other objects, in part because of their height, but also because their moisture content is a good conductor of electric current.  Read more >>




We value all trees and want to protect their health and vigor whenever possible—but the fact is that dead, dying, storm-damaged or diseased trees have weakened structures and pose a threat to you, your home and other trees and plants at your property. When a tree requires removal, our knowledge, experience and equipment play an important role in the final results you see.

Whatever the reason, tree removals should be performed deliberately and carefully to ensure the safety and health of the surrounding structures and environment. Read more>>


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