Our GREENWATCH is an environmentally-friendly program for your valuable landscape. It is a customized Plant Health Care program that efficiently manages trees and shrubs with the goal of minimizing the use of pesticides through preventative maintenance and early detection. GREENWatch is designed to give you peace of mind by anticipating problems early; significantly reducing the need for costly interventions.
During scheduled visits, we monitor your property for insects, diseases and deficiencies in the soil; all of which can lead to unfavorable growing conditions. We also provide you with a customized plan which keeps your plants healthy, safe and beautiful.
  • Skilled Personnel – trained and licensed
  • Fertilization – Soil nutrients that boost the health and lifespan of your plants
  • Insect and Disease Control – Low impact to totally organic treatments
  • Improved Growing Conditions – For mulch buildup, compacted soil, and poor drainage
  • Plant Replacements – For poorly performing plants
  • Expert Pruning – For safe and healthy trees and shrubs
  • Lawn Care – Environmentally-friendly programs
  • Orchard Care – Low impact programs
  • Monitoring Programs – Regular visits from our experts to assess your trees and plants

environmentally friendly tick and mosquito control

Environmentally Friendly and Organic-Based Tick and Mosquito Control and Prevention

Protect Your Family from Mosquitoes and Ticks

VYTC Offers environmentally-friendly and organic-based tick and mosquito control and management services to protect your family

Charlottesville and the surrounding areas have witnessed a sharp increase in tick-born illnesses over the past several years. In fact, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that Virginia is in the top third of states with confirmed Lyme cases. At Van Yahres Tree Company, we offer effective yet safe control programs that protect your family while protecting the environment.

Our certified technicians will thoroughly assess your landscape to identify areas of concern and provide timely treatment plans using products such as professional tick tubes that can reduce the risk of exposure to an infected tick by up to 97% on a treated property.


It is and always
has been our commitment to use effective products that have the lowest impact on the environment.

Call us at (434) 982-8733 if you spot these pests in your garden.

Emerald Ash Borer

WIND AND COLD WEATHER can lead to winter burn, browning and leaf drop. To reduce the moisture loss from your evergreens, our GREENWatch program recommends an anti-desiccant treatment right now on species such as boxwoods, hollies, laurels, magnolias and rhododendrons. This application will close pores to withstand the winter and will slowly wear away for them to reopen in the spring.



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