Van Yahres Tree Company offers a full-range of tree, shrub and lawn care services. We have built our reputation on the simple premise that consistent, expert services provide the best value. You may see lower prices that appear to offer a bargain, but chances are you’ll receive less for the price and miss out on important benefits that are included in the price on your quote from Van Yahres Tree Company.

For three generations the Van Yahres family has shared a deep love of Virginia and its natural resources. Van Yahres Tree Company’s work in Central Virginia dates back to 1919 when our founder, George Van Yahres, was hired to help with the grounds restoration effort at Monticello. George Van Yahres provided consulting advice on the project and Van Yahres Tree Company was hired to perform all tree care services. George’s son, Mitch Van Yahres, built on the company’s expertise and reputation for excellence when he established the Charlottesville branch of the company in 1949.

Mitch provided arboricultural assessments and helped train the next generation of area arborists—his lifetime work protected and preserved thousands of trees throughout Central Virginia. Mitch’s career also includes many years of distinguished service as a civic leader and local representative to the Virginia General Assembly.


Today Van Yahres Tree Company is owned and operated by Mitch’s son, Mike Van Yahres. Mike is a trained arborist and also holds a Masters Degree in Landscape Architecture from the University of Virginia. Mike has published articles in national magazines and is invited to speak across country on the subjects of campus design and tree management.

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George Van Yahres (kneeling), upstate New York, circa 1919. In its early days, Van Yahres Tree Company performed tree care services for large estates and farms across the United States.

We are proud to protect the trees, homes and historic properties that are a part of the history of Virginia and part of your family’s history. Trees are a natural legacy for future generations, and caring for trees is what we do best. Our promise is to provide services and contributions to the community that will continue to make Central Virginia a special place to live, work and raise our families.

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TCIA Accreditation represents the only business practices and compliance audit process in the tree care industry. Under the process, businesses undergo extensive review of professional practices aimed at safeguarding consumers.  For more information regarding the Tree Care Industry Association, visit www.tcia.org.


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